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Mobilizing Wealth Until Everyone Is Free.

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Helping move wealth in service of a world where resources are abundant and everyone has enough.


What We Offer

Operationalizing Strategy: translating values-aligned vision and strategies into operational excellence.

  • Designing processes that center community expertise.

  • Creating tools for equitable decision-making.

  • Simplified program operations.

Fractional Program Support for resource movers who need extra capacity and advising outside of FT staffing.

  • Relationship management support for intermediaries, small foundations, and family offices.

  • Facilitating communities of practice and learning for grant-makers.

Group Coaching for BIPOC in philanthropy to navigate a complex philanthropic landscape.

  • Modules to unearth your "resource mobilizer" approach

  • Navigating complex privilege and power dynamics

  • Tools and strategies for advocating internally

We're a Latinx founded and led boutique consultancy for grantmakers working themselves out of a job.

Our Values

  • Our guiding light is racial justice and liberation for all.  Our work is in service of pro-Black, pro-Indigenous, pro-POC, pro-LGBTQ+, pro-disabled, pro-movements, pro-people powered futures.

  • We believe that everyone has the capacity to engage in more joyful and liberatory ways of giving.

  • We believe we can do hard things in service of the collective. Conflict can be generative. Clarity is kindness.

  • We believe in a North Star for philanthropy that includes the redistribution of wealth and power.


We believe that a different culture of philanthropy is possible. We've seen the seeds of this future.  We also know that change is hard. Shifting legacy norms can feel overwhelming.  You may not know where to start or have the bandwidth to execute. Our sweet spot is working to translate your WHY into HOW.  


Our approach is to:

  • Hold curiosity and empathy no matter where you are on your philanthropic journey.

  • Deeply understand your goals, what moves you and what success looks like to you.

  • Be transparent with what we can do, what we can’t do, and the middles we might meet in.

  • Balance rigor with heart.

Some questions we can help you answer:

  • How do we align our values with our program operations?

  • How do we choose grant partnerships in a trusting community-centered way?

  • How do I effectively advocate for the communities we serve within our institution?

Making Coffee

Coffee is a way of life in Latin America. It is an irresistible beverage that brings people together over shared camaraderie. Strengthens communal love. Offers joy and buzz. We think the privilege of over-abundance, and the redistribution of it, should feel the same way.

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